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Saturday, October 01, 2005

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OK...so what does someone do when they don't know what to do?
They start doing it anyway.

We've been buying Cady's things for several months, but just stacking everything on the floor and on her dresser. Everything from puzzles to books to toys...stacked and tucked away in the big storage place we theoretically refer to as "Cady's room"
I bought a Hip Hammock today, along with several 18 month and 24 month thermals, some baby bottles, bibs and a really cute toddler sweater.

We decided several months ago to use a cabinet that we had in the computer room, for a toy cabinet for Cady. It's been sitting in her room waiting for us to take the doors off for several months now. After helping Scott try on the Hip Hammock (and wishing I had the camera in my hand at the time), he got inspirational and started fixing the cabinet....yeah!!

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to put safety latches on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We still have a ways to go with Cady's bedroom. We've been collecting medicines, clothes, toys and dolls for several months now. And as of this weekend we've officially started getting her room and the rest of the house ready for her.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger P Keener said...

I feel yor pain.


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