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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Did your husband hit you?

That was the question I got when I showed someone at work what my back looked like, a couple of days after the cupping was done by my acupuncturist, Dr. Lee. I had to laugh, because anyone that knows Scott, knows that he is one of the most gentle natured men around. The most we EVER argue about, is whether or not we are going to go out once in a while, other than to a computer store. And even those disagreements are short lived. We spend most of our time laughing and talking and live very harmoniously together. I can understand why she would pose the question though, the cupping marks look like round bruises....actually more like hickies, because in actuality they are very similar to hickies. The air is suctioned out of the glass cup then placed on the muscle that's sore, and it pulls the muscle back into alignment. The marks do not hurt at all, and between the cupping and acupuncture, it's a very healing process on the body.
I went back to see Dr. Lee again today after work. Dr. Lee has educated me about the history of acupuncture and cupping quite extensively. He is one of the few doctors that still practices cupping in northern California, so I guess I lucked out by finding him. I didn't even know what cupping was before I met him.


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