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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Recovered vehicle

As you might recall in this post my son's car was stolen last month.

His car is a very well kept '93 Honda Accord. It was recovered on September 12th. His car is intact, but they scratched the hood and sides of the car. The thief also ran it out of oil..Not good. They did, however, armorall the interior (how nice), and wipe all their fingerprints off before abandoning it. Daniel said they left the interior cleaner than when they stole it (such good manners). I suppose this is a blessing though, now he can have it painted and fixed up to run like new again..Hopefully better than it was, or the insurance company will pay him out. It's an excellent car with only 60K miles, that was my mom's and she sold it to Daniel for a good price a year ago.

As for my son, Daniel, he's doing well. His girlfriend's mother has graciously opened her home (and her heart) for him to live there temporarily, while he and Char look for a new place together. He's doing GREAT at his new job, and it pays well. Things are looking up for the both of them right now. It's going to be progressive because the thieves took everything he had when they burglarized his apartment. But he is very blessed with his job, a safe place to live, and surrounded by people that care about him.

What more could a mother want?


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Donna said...

This is so good to hear! I'm so happy that his car was recovered.
What a relief! Your son was robbed but kept the the stuff that is priceless: loving family and friends.


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