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Saturday, July 30, 2005

New families were created yesterday

"Love" in Mandarin
"The daughters of China, they fly across the seas. Off to unseen places and possibilities.
They are gifts to those who cherish them, by those who just could not.
Acts of hope and faith and love, that we never will forget."
-song lyrics by Tim Chauvin

Yesterday, families across the world, that have been waiting for the precious pictures of their children arrived by Fed-Ex. Most of these families have been waiting 6-7 months to see the picture of their new child. Until now, it has been a complete wonder to them. They have loved their child without seeing its face, or knowing its personality.
I was lucky enough to experience this happiness vicariously through several of my friends that received the picture yesterday. It was as if I was watching a family unfold. They are now a forever family. I've been told that CCAA (the matching team in China), work very hard to match parents with a child that looks like them. While I was viewing the pictures yesterday, it seemed as if I could see biological details in the child that looked similar to one or both of the parents..Same eyes as the mother, same cheeks as the father...same shaped face as one of the parents. Perhaps it was just me trying to see similarities, but it seems so true that they are all perfect matches.
We have three more months before we can see Cady's picture. Strangely, I already feel as if I know who she is. The closer we get to our adoption, the more I feel as if there truly is an invisible string that is bringing her closer and closer to us, as a forever family.


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