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Monday, July 11, 2005

Feels so good to have good friends.

So...While we pass the time, I thought I'd share what my good friend, Cherie wrote in her Letter of Recommendation to China, for adopting. I have put this, and other important papers into Cady's LifeBook for her to see later. When I first read the letter she wrote, it made me cry. Especially at the end, with the way that she so eloquently stated that she is happy, not for us, but for our child. I love Cherie as the dear friend that she is, and am very proud that she loves me back.

December 14, 2004
To the adoption staff;

I have known Karen & Scott for almost four years and I live in the same neighborhood as they do. Our neighborhood is family oriented and a great place to live. I have children myself, and they say they would not want to live anywhere else. Our area is middle-to upper income families, with a variety of races and cultures. It is safe and very clean, nice parks and places for children small, and older.

I met Karen through our common job. We used to car pool together. We work very closely in our office. Because I work so closely with Karen, I feel qualified to say that in watching her interactions with our co-workers and customers, I have come to realize she is a very loving and empathetic person. She is also very perceptive and keenly intellectual. She knows how to approach and handle difficult situations with a calm and relaxed attitude. She is definitely someone I would trust to be a good and loving parent as well as role model.

Scott, as Karen's husband is a perfect match. If it can be said that someone is more practical and calm, it would have to be Scott. He is a very intellectual and loving person. He is anxious to be a father so that he can share his wealth of knowledge and share in the formation of life for a little person. He is very relaxed and is not afraid of the challenges that come with parenthood. He is very eager for the chance to be a father.

When Karen told me about her and Scott's wish to adopt, I could not have been more excited, for their baby. They will make good, soothing, stable and intelligent parents. They are good people. They have very good occupations, and only want and need a child to give the abundance of love and care that they have to offer. They will make marvelous parents.


Cherie Childs


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